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Sofia is the largest city in Bulgaria and is full of street skating spots and the only indoor skate park in Bulgaria. If you travel by plane its also most probable that you will land in Sofia. You can check the other cities in Bulgaria with good skate spots/parks in section Skate Parks.

Once at the airport the cheapest way to get into town is with the Metro (1.6 BGN= 0.80€) If you land on Terminal 1 you should take the free shuttle bus to Terminal 2 where the metro is. Do not exchange money at the airport. If you have a bank card you can use one of the ATM’s on spot to get the local currency called BGN=Leva = 1.95 =1€
Taxis are fairly cheap as well a ride into town should cost about 15BGN but you should only go to the official taxi place located on the left hand side of the building as you come out of both terminals.

Sleep: once into town if you don’t have a local blader who can host you you could try
Transport: within the city can be done by taxis with the mobile app:
Car: If you come by car note that parking in the city center is difficult and expensive.



The main Skate parks in Bulgaria



SOFIA BLADING is the place where you can inform yourself about all the blading news and events in Bulgaria.  



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To find local skaters follow the group: /ROLLERBLADINGBG (CLICK ON THE BIG f) 

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